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Within the first 24 days of beginning Simone's Seven Figure CEO program I signed my first 3 clients for a total of $12,500 and did it with relative ease thanks to the resources provided in the program and Simone's coaching. I've started building my tribe on facebook and already have a marketing funnel up and ready to activate too. Did I mention this is just after 3 weeks?

When I started the course I didn't have any kind of strategy for growing my business. I had no idea how to get clients or how to expand. I now have a clear plan and the skills to grow my business to 7-figures in less time than I imagined and it feels very doable. I now have clarity, strategy, and a plan. Hallelujah!

Most importantly I've been able to breakthrough my mindset issues and limiting beliefs about charging people money for my services. Had Simone not called me out on these things and coached me through it, I would have been another statistic...another coach who didn't make it.

If you need someone to push you beyond what you 'think' you are capable of, but in a compassionate and respectful way, you need Simone. Period.

Carrie LaDue, Antara Wellness

"Working with Simone and Seven Figure CEO helped me take my company to an entirely different level.  She got me thinking bigger and communicating my vision to my team and customers in a much more powerful and congruent way which in turn, doubled my revenue."

—Kristen Hazard, founder Wildnote

"I love the work I do and I’m good at it. Less so breaking through income and mindset barriers and really tapping into, then manifesting, that bigger future I want so badly. I’ve tried lots of different things but have kept tripping up on strategy and systems. It’s felt like the Holy Grail that I knew I needed to master…even while I found myself saying over and over “I’m no good at strategy.”

I knew Simone had these pieces in spades and am so glad I took the leap and signed up for her program. It’s hard work! And it takes time and persistance—but if you’re fed up with being fed up and are committed to that next level and bigger vision, this will change everything.

With clarity, genuine love and a bone-deep refusal to play small in any way, Simone is taking us, step by step, into that better, smarter, creating-the-future-right-now version of my business—and me.

Serious investment, serious results. I am so excited about the trajectory I’m now firmly on. Simone, you have my heart and deepest gratitude."

Brynn Breuner, founder Mindspark Branding

"Before I went through Seven Figure CEO, I did not know how to run my business. I did not have a foundation and felt like I was stumbling along.  Since I own my business, my life and identity is very wrapped up with my business. I was stuck in a rut and felt like I was trapped. 

Simone's program goes far beyond what I had anticipated.  This program is worth way more than what you pay. You will gain business skills and focus that are truly meaningful to your values and goals. I’ve taken a lot of “ideal client” seminars and coaching programs and none of them were as in depth as SFCEO.  It changed my business and my life forever. Simone was always there and gave me excellent advice and support every step of the way. The extra help from the group, the in-depth calls and Simone always being engaged and wanting to help and truly seeing people succeed was invaluable. 

I love my business again and significantly raised my revenue since going through Seven Figure CEO. Also, it has given me way more satisfaction in my business AND personal life, which is what I desperately needed. Simone, you got me out of the personal funk that I was in for over a year and a half. Life is good!"

—Sarah Stacey, founder Sarah Stacey Interior Design

"Simone is a master coach and highly skilled at helping successful people lead better and earn more. Her guidance and thought provoking questions helped me bring about great success in my business, doubling total revenue in the time I worked with her. But that's not the best part. 

The best part is she helped me stay sane as I did it. Better than that, she continually guided my back to my Big Why–my purpose–so I felt more inspiration, power, joy, and fun along the way. When it comes to leading leaders, Simone knows what she's doing, and I couldn't recommend her more highly.”

~Dr. Aziz Gazipura, founder of Center for Social Confidence

"Simone and I have an ongoing debate: I like to call her my life coach. She insists that she is my executive coach. Aren’t they one in the same? AHA! Therein lies the rub. Simone has helped me realize that my life and my career are not one-in-the-same. This truism we all know, theoretically, but the practice of separation (aka balance) is elusive for the best of us. Simone will not only remind you; she will challenge you. Trust me, she’s not soft. She cuts to the chase. I always learn from her in every session. Along the way, she has made me a better human being."

~Nora Murray, Principal SoundBite Communications

"My audience enjoyed Simone Janssen’s compelling presentation. Grounded and clear, she created genuine connection with the audience and between audience members. Each person came away with new tools which can be applied immediately to their unique life circumstances. What I loved about Simone was how she embodied what she taught. I got great feedback from the audience after the event."

~Jessica Hadari, Founder, FEM Talks

"I first encountered Simone Janssen when she spoke at the G3 Women's Conference in Sonoma, CA. She had me in under 4 minutes. I knew I wanted to work with her to move my design studio forward. Her wisdom relayed as a speaker played out as the real thing and then much more as she worked with me over the next several months. She asked some hard, but imperative questions. I welcomed them. Simone 'gets' what it takes to bust out of our patterns to reach higher and get clearer. She has Really Good Ideas. Ideas I keep close—on the table, in a binder— that I continue to grow from and will carry with me always. Like the BHAG. You'll have to ask her about that one yourself."

~Lori Winter, Explore Creative

"Working with Simone has encouraged me to reflect on my strengths (cake) and challenges (cringe) in a way that has allowed me to think bigger and bolder about my goals. I have learned tools and tactics from our time together I have applied to both my personal and professional growth plans. Simone asks great questions and provides relevant resources I can turn around and apply to my work right away."

~Rebecca Zanatta, President, RJZ Connections, Inc.
and VP Growth & Strategy, The Ostara Group

"Working with Simone has completely transformed my way of approaching my work, my relationships, my thought processes and ultimately has elevated my whole life. I have reclaimed the passion and joy that I lost over the years and have renewed hope and abundance. "

~Liz Jenks, Founder, glowgirl

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"Working with Simone has helped me see my strengths for their full potential and find ways to use the strengths to blow through areas in which I thought I was limited by weaknesses. Now I am looking at all aspects of my life and asking which of my strengths applies and how I can use it to maximize my gains both professionally and personally. I always seemed to feel energized when I was skiing, surfing, paddling, biking – all those “get away” moments. Now I’m experiencing that same energy build in everything I’m doing. And to create and use this energy in my work has already opened my eyes to opportunities that I thought were nonexistent. The best part is that I see myself growing in the months ahead and although I know I will end up many times out of my comfort zone, I’m excited for it. I wake up energized and look forward to all things I get to do each day."

~Francine R. Tone, Managing Partner, Tone & Tone, Attorneys at Law

"Simone came into my life at the moment when everything was falling apart. I had lost all sense of meaning in my marriage, my job and myself. I was paralyzed by self-doubt and I couldn’t see past my fear. Through Simone’s direct, no-nonsense yet compassionate guidance, I have navigated through huge life changes with a greater sense of my own power and courage. Now, I am the best version of me that I have ever been in my entire life. Where there was once doubt and fear, I am now a person of purpose, direction and clarity. My new career has taken off in ways I could never have imagined and I absolutely love what I do. 

In her kind way, Simone will call you out on your bullshit and steer you back towards your goals. She will offer tools and practices to help you navigate your own personal path to success and fulfillment. If you are looking to live your best possible life, if you want to make your career dreams a reality - look no further than Simone to help guide you on that path!"

~ Yvonne Kingsley, Founder, Yvonne Kingsley Yoga

"It takes literally minutes to feel comfortable with Simone and certain you are in the hands of a competent and experienced coach. She balances a focused session with inspiration for taking your life to the next level. I like to get to the point and move quickly and Simone can do both. Simone offers extremely insightful feedback and has had dramatic impact on how I see and approach my worth, my goals and my progress. I could not ask for a better coach for creating a life for myself that is bigger, more meaningful and more satisfying than I could ever do on my own."

~ Susannah Baldwin, Ph.D., PowerSpeaking.com

"Simone designed and delivered a one-day workshop for my growing software company. I had several new team members and a big vision and goals for the next year and wanted to create the synergy necessary to reach those goals. Simone created all the right pieces to transform my vision into a vision shared by all my employees. Through her engaging, intuitive and fun delivery my team really gelled. It was a great success."

~ Kristen Hazard, Founder and CEO Suntoucher Software

"Simone is a truly gifted coach. Her combination of incisive curiosity, deep listening, compassionate humor, creative intelligence and no-nonsense reflection provides the cauldron for exciting change. I have found new passion for my work as well as needed perspective to get unstuck in my personal life. Call her now!"

~ Christine Friel, Double Happiness Health

"Simone is genuine in her affirmation of my strengths which gives me confidence to think bigger than I ever have. She pinpoints my fears and works through them with me so that they no longer stand in the way as obstacles. Simone is one of the best active listeners I’ve ever come across. She encourages me to look deeper into my own stories which introduces new thought patterns and problem solving strategies. I feel empowered in our conversations because Simone creates the space and gives agency for me to talk about whatever I know will be most useful at that given time."

~ Callie Waldman, CEO, castiron

"As a single founder of a growing business my coaching sessions with Simone are like having a business partner to bounce ideas off of and get honest, creative, and positive feedback, which stretches me and my company. Having the set coaching sessions also allows me to set aside quality time to reflect, strategize and plan for the future. To be able to go through this process with somebody with the kind of training Simone has, has been invaluable to my business."

~KH, CEO, Software Development Company

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