3 feet from gold...

This is SUPER SIMPLE...  

Whatever your great idea that hasn't quite taken off and spread like wildfire is, there is that one person that could totally make it happen for you...

All you do have to do is meet them and get them all fired up about your "thing".

So HOW the f**k do you find and meet that person?

Exactly my point.

Chances are, you know a whole bunch of interesting and cool people.  And all of your friends do too.  And so do your friend's friends. What if we all made it our business to make as many connections as we can for each other...

We are all one connection away from greatness.  

I know you are super busy.  So is everybody else.  But what if everybody made it their business to spin that web of interesting connections from the pure intention of giving and being of service? What if you just did it with no expectations?  Because maybe absolutely nothing will come of it. It may even be that nobody even says "thank you."

Just try it and see how good it feels.  Just the possibility that something good will come of that tiny email, that moment of introduction that you just created.

Even if you don't expect it, what goes around comes around, many times in ways you were not even thinking of.

Be a connector.  Think about what relationships you could help build this week.

If you haven't read it yet and you are still a little foggy on this idea, I highly recommend reading Never Eat Alone, Keith Ferrazzi.

Happy Connecting!