Bubble soccer.  Slip n’ slide. Trapeze. Trampoline. Zip lining. Wakeboarding.  Water skiing. Human Hippo Game.  Color wars…

Yep.  I did all of this last week.  That, and a whole lot more.  Awesome business sessions about growing and scaling your business, healing, powerful talks, Evolved Enterprise, giving forward, making a difference in the world, having tons of fun and adventures.  The list goes on and on.  

This is Camp Maverick.  Can you tell, I highly recommend it;)?

It was also one of the most UNCOMFORTABLE weeks in quite a while.

See, I finally realized that I have been playing small. Playing safe. Staying in what’s been tried and true and good.

Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it’s certainly not what makes me show up much BIGGER in this life.  It is certainly not what supports me on my journey to build a business that not only enables me to have a fantastic lifestyle full of adventure, travel, impact, fun and connections, but is also allows me to have a say about the direction this planet is taking.  Where I show up bigger, is where I can have a bigger impact.  That’s what my business is about.  Giving forward in so many ways (Project Giving Forward is in its inception)!

So I got to crawl out of my hole and show up in a community of people who are up to really big things in this world and who care much beyond their own comfort zone.  I learned about stepping out of my shell and becoming visible in a much bigger way than I would ordinarily.  I talked to a ton of people and not chit chat, oh no, but had truly deep and meaningful conversations. I made connections that I know will last this lifetime.

All in the space of 5 days.

And I had a blast.

So what’s next?

What this brought home to me is having a serious come-to-Jesus with myself and looking at where it’s time to step into the unknown.

Of course, that involves you, my friend.  Because of course, I want to take you with me.

I’m up to some big things and instead of keeping them close to my chest, I promise to share openly…

Stay tuned.


Big Love,