Make sure you think this through...

Just got back from an AMAZING 3 day retreat with my mastermind. I feel very honored and humbled to get to lead such an awesome group and seeing everybody unfold and grow over the days reminded me how incredibly important community is.

Everybody kept saying how remarkable it was that, despite being completely different people who would likely never connect in "normal" life, deep friendships and profound connections are forged that (speaking from my own mastermind friendships) often supersede all. It's about working on a similar mission, even though we may be in totally different industries.

I remember listening to Brendon Burchard talking about old friends, maintenance friends and growth friends. The old friends who are like worn furniture that you don't even notice in the room where you don't contribute to them and they don't contribute to you. The maintenance friends, where it doesn't take much to connect and maintain and where it's great when it happens and no worries if it doesn't--you are still very valuable to each other.

And then, there are the growth friends... The ones that dare to tell you when you are playing small, who call you on your S*#$T, who love you even when you don't love yourself, who don't have to fix your problems and can just tell you "oh honey, that really sucks", who you can trust to tell the truth and challenge to play BIG when they need to hear it from you.

Here's the crux: once you experience growth friends, "regular" friends become kind of pale and dissatisfying. But what also happens is this: you realize that it's a waste of your time and theirs to give and get any less and that it's time to uplevel or let go all the relationships in your life that just suck time and energy and you don't deliver to each other. Radical honesty that serves everybody.

In these times, we all need a good bunch of growth friends to challenge us to play bigger and make a bigger difference. To focus on winning and NEVER settle for less. Not to be silent and to take powerful action in alignment with our values every day.

Find those growth friends in your life and remind each other how important it is right now to step up and lean in and play bigger than you ever have before.

Peace and Love

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