Get Your Mind Out of the Trailer Park!

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Hey, good morning. Welcome to Coffee Talk. I hope you have your coffee. I have mine in my beautiful new cup that I just got from my mastermind.

I just got back from my retreat in beautiful Laguna Beach, and tomorrow I'm leaving to go to the East Coast, going out to the Cape, an area I really love. I have a friend who has a place there and another friend who's out in Nantucket. I'm going to do a whole lot of visiting and some working, and there's definitely some business stuff that happens in that, and I can't wait.

Today, I want to talk a little bit about what this stuff is that really allows us to have the business that we love, but part of that is really what's the thing that's going to keep us stepping up and leaning in and getting to this next new level. That's always what we talk about. I get this question all the time when people say, "Hey, what's that big jump? How do I get to that big jump? What do I do so I can really up-level? I'm stuck at this level where I'm at. A lot of my clients are already in mid-six-figures, but they just can't get over this hump. What's this thing that really makes the difference?"

You guys have probably heard me say this before, but it's always about you. You have to get yourself out of the way. If you want to do big things, they don't happen by accident, they don't happen by you doing the same things that you've been doing. So here's the deal. The same things that have gotten you to where you are, are now standing in your way and keeping you from getting to this next level.

As I always say, we have to work strategies for sure. You have to have solid strategies. You have to implement. You have to be consistent. You have to ask yourself every single day, "What's that one thing I need to do today that drives my business forward and that's the most powerful for me to do?" Yes, of course. And to be able to do that, you have to get your mind right every single day. So what is that one thing that's a catalyst for getting to seven figures? This morning, I really want to talk about the seven-figure CEO mindset. What is that about? What is this really important shift that you have to make so that you can keep scaling your business and you don't get in your own way?

Like I was saying, we were at my mastermind retreat this last week, and we were talking about this very issue. There are a lot of people in there hitting it out of the park like crazy, and one thing we were talking about is every time you up-level, you hit a new set of problems. Those new problems, there are a lot of times you don't really know how to solve them because they're new. You haven't really encountered this magnitude before. It's really easy to want to go hide and not deal with it.

One of the facilitators said, "It's kind of this thing of you win the lottery, and your mind still lives in the trailer park." That was my favorite quote of the whole week. It really gave me something to think about. It's like, you can't go bigger if your mind keeps living in the trailer park. We've all heard about these stories when people win the lottery, and things are going great for a while. Party, party, party. And then a year later, they're in the same place or worse off than they've been before. 

It's really important that we really keep focusing on this mindset shift. So think about where your mind is living most of the day. Where's your emotional home? Is your emotional home still back in the trailer park? Are you living all day long in, "I can't do this. This is too scary. I don't know how to do this. I'm going to fail. What are people going to think?" If that is your daily dialogue, then you're going to have a really hard time going anywhere else with this. So get your mind out of the trailer park. For those of you who are just joining, go back to the beginning. That's the really important piece. You got to change where your emotional home is, where your emotions live.

Strategies are a dime a dozen, like I said, so we keep having to focus on this piece. Like I said earlier, every level of business comes with a new set of problems. Our job as the CEOs of our business is to be problem solvers. A lot of people take on some sort of superhero characters, and that's kind of fun, but who do you see yourself being as you get into this place where you influence a whole lot more people, so you have a lot more impact? It's also important that you live your walk. You walk your talk ... What's that called? You walk your walk, you talk your talk, and you're really a great example for your tribe. So you have to keep thinking about this. Who do you want to be in solving these problems?

And being a CEO, that's pretty much what you are. You're a problem solver, a very high-level problem solver. When you have a business that you want to scale, you have to step into this role of being a CEO in your business, being the seven-figure CEO. Problems will never stop, so you have to think about if you get discouraged by what happens all day, all year, you have lots of wins, but most often people tend to focus on their challenges, on what's not working, on what's difficult. But as you scale your business, these problems are going to get a lot more involved, a lot more intricate. They're going to be at a much different level. They're going to involve a lot more people.

So how are you going to show up? This is a really big thing to consider. You have to keep evolving. You have to keep taking who you are and making you bigger, making you more able to do the job. Just assume there's always another level of problems, and how can you reframe that for yourself? How does a problem become a challenge? How does that become from scary and freaky and you don't want to deal, how does that become actually exciting and inspiring and challenging in a good way? This is a really important mindset shift to make all day long.

It's kind of about getting excited to find the solutions, assuming that the job is to find the solutions to all the challenges that happen all day long. You keep up-leveling how you approach it. Then, you also have to face the fact that you will fail. It's just a universal law. You will fail. So the thing is, it's almost like flinging spaghetti at the wall. When you want to be really innovative, when you want to have unique solutions, you have to start flinging the spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks, and hopefully, you make good decisions about that.

But there's going to be failure. There's going to be times when things don't work out, and you can't focus on what's not working out, you just have to go back to what didn't work, take the feedback. One of my old mentors used to say there's no such thing as failure. There's only feedback, so take the feedback, consider what happened, take that moment, start again, and keep looking further ahead each time, so you can see more where you're going. That's actually the most powerful technique in this, is keep looking further ahead, so you don't trip over the stuff that's right in front of you.

One of my clients I work with is a billionaire, and he has a gazillion different businesses, and he keeps starting new ones. It's pretty amazing to watch him float through this because he never focuses on the problem. He only focuses on the outcome. He only focuses on what he wants, who are the best people to help him, and then he drives it relentlessly. When stuff doesn't go right along the way, that barely comes into his consciousness. It's just like, "Oh, that didn't work. Okay, what's now? What's now? What's now?" That's really the mindset that we have to move into.

Of course, for all that, it really takes you practicing this. So having a very, very strong practice to set up your day so that you are at your very best is really important. This morning, I went to the pool. I probably still have goggle eyes and wet hair, but that's something, I work out every morning because that's what sets me right. I visualize every morning how I want things to be because I believe that I can have things exactly the way I want them. That's my experience. So I work out, I visualize, I meditate.

When things don't go right, which invariably happens, I have a mantra. I call it my seven-figure CEO mantra, and my clients are well aware of this one because I preach this. Whenever something doesn't go right, you have to have something that's kind of like a pattern interrupt. The important thing is that you start catching yourself sooner and sooner and sooner, before your mind goes off, before you go down that deep, dark rabbit hole where have a hard time coming out. Think about, what are some truths that you actually believe in?

A lot of people say that affirmations don't really work, and a mantra is a little bit like an affirmation, but the reason affirmations don't necessarily work for everybody is because of your underlying belief systems. If your subconscious thinks that you're full of shit, this isn't going to work. So when you think about what are some truths that you absolutely trust consciously and subconsciously that you can use to reset whatever is going on for you before you go down that slippery, slippery slide. What are your truths?

My first one that when things go wrong that I come up with is focus only on winning. When things don't go right, you can't focus on what's not going right. You can only focus on what's the other thing you want? What's the winning situation? What would that look like? So flip that immediately. Focus only on winning.

And, live in your desired reality. That's why we visualize, because we train our mind to recognize what it looks like when you step into this thing that you already want to be in. That's why a lot of lottery winners lose it all again so quickly because they haven't done this piece. They don't understand what it's going to be like when they're in this new reality, so they're still living like they're in the trailer park. Of course, that doesn't work. That's a huge, huge gap. So focus only on winning and live in your desired reality.

Then, the other one is the universe conspires on your behalf, so when you have this practice of visualizing, it's amazing how much better your outcome will be than what you're actually visualizing. The universe has your back. I don't know if you're spiritual or God is something that you believe in. You don't have to, but it's pretty much think about this piece that has your back. The universe conspires on your behalf, and the outcomes you get when you know what you're looking for are probably going to be better than what you've been envisioning. So think about this, focus only on winning, the universe conspires on my behalf, and then the really big thing that goes with that is, know your standards.

Know your standards and never settle for less. Think about that. That should be something that you do today. Figure out what your standards are in your business. Who do you want to work with? Who are the rock stars you can be successful with? What are they like? How are they going to succeed in this help that you're giving them? How are they going to show up? How are you going to show up for them? How do you live in this? Know what your standards are, and never settle for less.

When I say "settle for less," what I mean with that is, I know what it's like when your bank account is looking really, really empty, and what you really would like is something to come in there that makes you feel better. Don't go for that. Just really look at who are you bringing into your reality? Who are you bringing into your tribe? Because the people that you surround yourself with all day are going to have a tremendous impact on you and on your business, on the other people that you're impacting, so never settle for less.

Listen to that little voice when you're talking to somebody, and you're like, "Oh, my god. This person's going to be trouble." I'm pretty sure we all know what I'm talking about. And ask more questions. Get curious. Be compassionate. Be curious. Keep asking questions until you can really ascertain that this is a good client for you, and don't ever say yes to anything less than that.

The third one is what we've been talking about already, refocus any negative thought patterns. Catch it as quickly as you can. When you catch yourself going down that dark, deep well where only bad things happen, you have to pull back and refocus on what's actually important. Focus on winning only, remember? Refocus any negative thought pattern, and keep catching yourself faster and faster. This is a really important one. The faster you can flip this, the more effective you're going to be all day long.

Then, the fourth one, of course, is know what your high-value actions are, and stay in powerful alignment with them. You should always know what that one thing is that's going to drive your business forward, that's going to make you win, that's going to create better things for you. Then every morning, you think about, "What's that one thing today that I absolutely need to get done, that absolutely needs to happen even if I'm afraid of it, if it's uncomfortable, if I don't want to do it?" Just get those things out of the way.

Of course, this means that you have to get really clear about what those high-value actions are, and that might be another conversation for another day. This is just the beginning, you guys. You have to keep doing this every day, all day long if you want to get to that next big level.

If you'd like my help with this, if you'd like to talk about this more, I have actually made some time available in this next week to speak to you personally because I don't really like giving out band-aids. So if you want to talk more about this, go to, all one word, all words, no numbers,, and you can actually sign up for a session with me, and we'll talk about this more and figure out what it is in your business that's hanging you up right now. 

I hope you guys are having a fantastic week. I will talk to you again next week.