Conquer The Fear

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I talk to a lot of people every week who sign up for a session with me because they know that their company is not growing the way they want it to and they don’t know how to make it better-- they are stuck.

We really take the time to dig deep and find out what challenges are holding them back from their dream.

And as corny as that sounds if what you are doing is NOT your dream it feels sad for you because that sounds like a lot of time wasted...

So I talk to all these people every week and there is some CRAZY behavior that shows up.

So crazy that I did a quick FB Live on just that—and you can check it out here.

After literally doing 100s of these calls, I share with you what I’ve learned.

It’s so simple, but it’s mind-boggling.  

It all comes down to conditioning. Fear, resistance, not trusting yourself or others, not being good enough, smart enough, popular enough…  I mean, how many “likes” did YOU get on your FB page today…?

The exact reason for why you think you shouldn’t do something is the reason why you should. That may not apply to absolutely everything but to MUCH more than you dare to admit to yourself…

I give you a simple strategy for how to hack that pattern and reverse it so you can actually get what you want and NOT what you don’t want, which most likely, you are focused on—see what I mean?

…you might want to check out the video here

Let me know what you think.  

Thinking differently is what got you here, but the same thing that got you here won’t get you to the next level.

Jus’ Saying…


P.S  This is TRUE CEO work.  If you don’t know how to do this, there is no way you’ll be the one who can actually win this thing. This stuff is simple, but it’s not easy, so don’t try this on your own. We just put out a great new free training that addresses all this in detail so if want to know more about this, go to  and watch the presentation.