11 Rules for Success

Recently, I read an article in Inc. magazine about the golden nuggets for success by 11 powerful leaders.  This was all hardcore business talk and I was surprised to find that it translated seamlessly into my beliefs about life as a whole. Here they are. THE RULES

  1. Do less.
  2. Embrace accidents
  3. Choose your playing field
  4. Fail
  5. Let other lead
  6. Slow down
  7. Emphasize steady progress
  8. No tricks
  9. Stop thinking about yourself
  10. Don't discount the role of luck
  11. Don't be immune to new ideas

1.  Do less:  In this culture of multi-tasking and overload not much receives 100% of our attention.  Being present and focussing on the right thing promises going deep and going brilliant.

2.  Embrace accidents:  Making as many connections as you can and being open to whatever they may bring.  Even if it's nothing that looks valuable at the moment.  Who knows what it could mean in the future?

3.  Choose your playing field:  Know your game.  Where, when, with whom, how?  What's your difference between your vision and your strategy?

4.  Fail:  There's no failure.  Only feedback

5.  Let others lead:  Creating a shared vision and empowering others to think independently and make their own decisions make for a powerful leader.

6.  Slow down:  What would life be like if we shifted from being results oriented to being process oriented?  Enjoy the ride and be better for it!

7.  Emphasize steady progress:  Progress is what motivates me most.  What are my 3 inspired actions of the day where I can log progress and feel great about it?

8.  No tricks:  Transparency and honesty are the best policy for good and lasting relationships.

9.  Stop thinking about yourself:  Happy wife makes a happy life?  Ha!  But seriously, my business and life tends to be way stronger and happier when I can figure out how to make everybody a winner.

10.  Don't discount the role of luck:  The idea of skill-luck continuum.  Although pessimistic people may be better at predicting realistic outcome, how many lucky alternative outcomes do they miss?

11.  Don't be immune to new ideas:  You could always create a "Museum of old ideas" and visit your past treasures any time.  They were useful at one time.  Just like your old beliefs.