Charged Up!

hola beach club (1)

hola beach club (1)

What could be one thing you could start doing this week to make you feel like you are leaning in and stepping it up so that YOU are feeling more in your groove?

Bored.  Bummed.  Burned out.  Unengaged. Stressed. Overwhelmed.  Flat.  Confused.  Harried.  Negative.  Impatient.  Unhappy.

If any of the above words sound familiar, you are probably also finding that this isn't just a condition in your work/business, it probably is still the same everywhere else.

Happiness and feeling passionately engaged doesn't just happen.  You have to GENERATE it...


Here's your one thing to bring more charge to your week:

****Do something new (or differently)****

An engaged brain is a happy one.  What new thing could you learn this week?  What new stuff could you do?  What boring process could you re-work to make it much more interesting??  Push beyond your status quo.