god smokes himself

god smokes himself

It's been a truly interesting day.  You see, I am on the cusp of stepping up into something very big.  Something that is a big change for me and really requires me to show up in a whole new way.  And I have been learning that there is quite a gap between wanting to do something big and bold, moving toward it, and actually DOING IT (don't worry, you'll hear more about this...).

Now I've been really excited about what I am doing and where I am going and the impact I am having and contribution I am making and yet, there are so many places where I am having to step way out of my comfort zone, my ego has been having a field day!!  So I just got out of a completely mind blowing and just as puzzling session with NLP master Ali Campbell, and aside from all the cool rewiring and rebooting he just did for me, I also walked away with a different level of understanding of  fear.  Fear is completely ego driven and excitement lives in the body, in connection, in faith and trust.  Fear is the opposite of faith.  One of the first affirmations I was introduced to a million years ago.

Why is this important?  All the ego driven emotions (fear, jealousy, hatred, revenge, greed, anger) are generally the ones that are meant to keep us safe, and small.  The ego is running the show.  It challenges our inspiration and our intuition and keeps us in judgement of ourselves and others, keeping us separate and disconnected from having vision, courage and excitement.

Dr.Wayne Dyer named that place of being separate e.g.o (edge god out).  Esther Hicks calls it "the wobble", that moment when fear creeps in and sucks out possibility.  But it gives us the moment of choice:  constantly choosing to shift back out of ego, into where and who we really want to be.  Keep choosing!