Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from my Dog

And I continue to do so... After 16 years of being my best bud, my right-hand man, now this extends to getting old and yes, dying. We grew up together, were puppies together, learned the hard things and the fun things and he has always been there to remind me to enjoy every moment, focus on the essentials (food, fun), not take myself too seriously and just pretty much have a doggone great time no matter what.

And his aging has been really hard on both of us.  Letting go of what we thought the day might bring and for the longest time just stubbornly setting one paw in front of the other.  Stubbornly denying that this is happening.  Going through immense frustration when we want to do something we remember we used to love.  When the big heart and the big spirit is still soaring and the body just cannot follow.

So now, what's on the other side of stubborn?  What can we find when we don't insist to know what's there?  Patience, love, being present and feeling every moment for what is and not for what we thought it should be.



I've been asking myself why he just won't let go and here he is teaching me another huge lesson.  He is not letting go, because I am not.  I still see what we used to do, and so does he.  So now I commit to letting go and noticing what is needed in the moment.  To enjoy the ride wherever it may go and however long it may last.  Thanks, Jonah.