Giving Thanks To Being In The Here And Now

So much talk about being grateful this week.  Are you?

Face it.  It could be better.  You could be better.  Your life could be better. You could do more.

With all this Thanks-giving in the air, do you notice your buttons get pushed more than usual? Notice any comparing of yourself to others and not feeling so great-sparkling awesome about yourself?  Really wishing you'd be further along than you are but somehow you keep getting stuck in the big ol' RESISTANCE?

Holidays are awesome for pointing out your shortcomings.  Many report increased tendencies for being irritable, having unkind thoughts about others, desire to indulge in binge-watching bad TV, eating bad food, having bad thoughts. It all goes together.

The more you do it, the less you feel you can do anything about it.

I am going to let you in on one of my best-kept secrets:  Do nothing and everything gets done. (Ok, I stole it from the Tao Te Ching)

WHAAATTT????  Is she on crack? (You might think...)

Some really enlightened people figured this out thousands of years ago.  When the days get shorter and the light wanes, it is time to turn inward.  It's the perfect time to BE, observe, let go and practice mindfulness and appreciation.  I don't think Thanksgiving would have gone over well in summer.

Give yourself a break.  Practice gratitude every day.  Allow that it is OK for your buttons to get pushed. And then ask yourself how you'd respond if you truly loved yourself.  Remember the oxygen mask theory?  Love yourself first before you (can) love others.

Simplify this week and in the coming season.  Think about what's truly important, let go of the rest. Mostly, consider BEing before doing.  There is a reason for hibernation.  We need this cycle of meditation and dormancy so we can show up present and engaged for our next phase of creation and growth.

Do nothing and everything gets done...

And I'll be with you, supporting your next creation, in my Time-Freedom Virtual Retreat in January.

More to look forward to and relax into.