Leading Like A Human

Human Resources.  When I first started working around the corporate world and very new to the terminology, this terms always struck me as just wrong.  "My new resource", the common way to refer to a new team member.  How human is a resource?

Now that most of my clients in some way are working on becoming leaders in different capacities and fields, the subject of effective leadership styles comes up a lot.  And with it, the questions of rapport, connection, humanity, openness and vulnerability as a leader.

Are you an adaptive leader?  Emotionally intelligent?  Charismatic?  Authentic?  Level 5?  Mindful? Narcissistic?  No-excuse?  Resonant?  Servant?  Storytelling?  Strengths-based?  Tribal?

No matter what current buzzword fits your style, there has been a lot of research that agrees that the more "female qualities" in leaders are the more effective these days.  That seems to mean getting to know your staff, being invested in their growth, being open, relating, showing vulnerability, caring beyond a job well done, bringing in balance, engagement and career satisfaction.

Knowing and caring about your humans isn't just nice and makes you feel good but adds significant business benefit.  Turns out, knowing your team members well not just on a business level, creates the opportunity to really understand their talents and challenges.  So you can really help them grow and expand their impact, and strengthen where they need support.  Also, getting to know your people beyond work does wonders establishing rapport and relationship, two of the most important foundations blocks to having a staff that cares about YOU and wants to do well, wants to support you, cares about the well-being of the company and wants to bring it even a step further!

Because here is the thing:  innovation relies on the ones innovating.  To a large extent, your staff.  And, have you really created an environment where people feel safe enough and important enough to dare tell you what they see and know?

An Open Door Policy sounds like a nice idea.  But do people want to open your door?