Meeting Your Inner Scrooge



If this sounds familiar, I've written this post for you:

You are attempting something new.  A new business, a new project or sometimes it is as simple as doing the same thing in a different way.  It seems to take a lot of energy.  Often there are setbacks.  Then it takes more energy to get going yet again, keep going.  And the voices....  Telling you what you can or can't do and constantly making up rules about what is or isn't possible.

Nice to meet you, scrooge.  You are the antithesis of success.  And you tell us you have good intentions:  keeping us safe, keeping us from having disappointment, rejection, failure, success, frustration, depression, sadness.  Seems like scrooge is our good friend...  Not!!

It is very easy to get suckered into all the reasons why something just won't work.  "It's too hard" is the top reason.  Or it costs too much money to get there.  Takes too much time--and we are so busy already. And maybe it's not even worth it.  Because what if, after giving it your all, you find out that you don't really want it?

Managing our inner game--a spin cycle that is so easy to get stuck in, and often tricky to get out of.  So what to do?

  1. Get clear on your profit. And I mean, crystal clear.  What do you stand to gain?  Vision boarding is a great tool for this.  Or good old chart paper and art supplies.  Getting creative with your intentions stimulates a different part of your brain and you'll soon feel more resourceful again.  The scrooge is likely to shut up for a little while.
  2. Tap into your passion.  Why did you want to do this thing in the first place?  What's your bigger picture behind this?  What's your PURPOSE???  How is it connected to where you stand in the world and what for?  This is another place to get very present.
  3. Get into action.  This can be the hardest place and the most healing.  To combat overwhelm and the place where you can't even get started because it is just too much, start easy.  What are 3 easy things that you can do this week that feel inspiring or at least, doable?
  4. Once you are rolling, or creeping forward, we'll talk about becoming more strategic and organized.

For now, follow the above and once you start, don't stop!  Or if you stopped, get going again:)