My Valentines: Money, Sales And Marketing



Happy Valentines Week!!  If you want to make money, but selling makes your really uncomfortable, you better keep on reading...

While you are thinking about who and what you love in your life, be sure to give money a long, lingering, passionate look.  Batt your eyes, flirt, open your arms but never, never be coy.

A lot of my clients are business owner and leaders.  I have noticed a distinct correlation between those who have cleared  their relationship with money and selling, and those who resist it.  Money pushes people's buttons more than anything (yes, more than sex--I think...).  Talking about it makes many of us as queasy as talking about our dirty, dark secrets.

If you don't appreciate money for exactly what it it (special paper, currency, value exchange) and feel nothing but peace and happiness around it, do you think you could sell your services confidently, easily and effortlessly?

Face it, no matter what you do, for it to be effective, appreciated, valuable and helpful. people have to buy it!!!

Another fact:  the more something costs, the more people appreciate it (does this get your hackles up?)

More truth:  you sell all day long.  You sell your services to your employer so they give you a paycheck and keep you employed.  You sell your spouse to take the garbage out by making them dinner.  You sell your co workers on your brilliant input.  You sell your friend on the place to have dinner.

When you have something that you know has high value because you have seen the big impact is has made before, why are you not helping as many people as possible to benefit from that impact?

Deep down, we know this is about having courage.  Stepping up.  Thwarting our ego.  Overcoming fear of rejection.  Letting go of excuses.  So what if a few (equally as scared and uncomfortable) people make up judgments that there is something wrong with you or your services because you are bold and daring.  Do you want to allow them to trump all your raving fans?

If you don't market, how will you get to build the relationship that leads to the sale so you can deliver the value that makes a big difference in someone else's life/business?

Look at money again:  She is smiling at you, batting her eyes, swinging her hips.  Because she knows that when your love story begins, at lot of people will get what they have been waiting for.  YOU!