Queen of Momentum



So what is that thing that you've really been wanting to do, but it just seems to be stuck inside you?

  • the story you never wrote
  • the book that didn't even get a first chapter
  • the song you never wrote and that didn't get performed
  • the sport you never tried
  • the trip you never took
  • the dog you never got
  • the business you never built...

Those may be the bigger things, but for many of us, it is that we don't decide to move past having things be pretty good.  Because that may (or may not!) take a lot of work, we may (or may not!) fail, and sometimes we wonder if the dream is better than reality.

Most of what I hear is about the effort to get it off the ground.  Even when the plan is pretty well thought out by now, it just seems like more to do than we can cope with.  Also, when something looks like a lot of work, we can tell ourselves fairytales to justify why we are not doing it.  One of my clients once told me that he didn't need to make any marketing efforts ("push marketing") because he was relying on manifesting the business ("pull marketing").  Needless to say, his strategy did not do so well and needed adjustment...

So what to do when you just can't get going?  You know how hard it is to turn the steering wheel in your car when it hasn't been started--it's just as hard to direct the project that you haven't started.  The most important (and easiest) thing to do is to get some momentum going.  Any movement will feel like success.

  1. Take the time to clarify your vision.  If you haven't thought about it for some time, does it still fit the here and now, or does it need some tweaking?
  2. Get clear and focused!  What will you use as your tracking tool?  A running list that you carry?  Your phone? A big chart in a visible place?  A whiteboard?
  3. Break time and action into manageable chunks.  How much time can you dedicate to this thing on how many days?  What makes sense to start with?  What are your priorities?
  4. And most importantly:  GET GOING!!  Forget perfect, just pick 5 things that you will complete every week.  At the beginning of the day, remind yourself of what is important for that day, and at the end of the day, review what has gotten done and how that affects your schedule for the week.

Well.  And consider getting a coach.  You know where to find me:)