Love BM

Love BM

In this last week that I've been back from Burning Man, the most frequently asked question, of course, has been, "so, how was Burning Man?"  I've noticed that it is an almost impossible question to answer.  BM is a completely different experience for everyone and generally, it is exactly what you need.  The Playa provides.

I wanted to come up with my answer and I wanted my answer to reflect how profound the impact is on how I run my business and my life.  It is hitting the reset button.  It is spending the week in a completely different reality, a time warp, that allows me to get clear on how I want things to be.  It brings all my challenges even closer and gives me different choices for how to handle them.  And I always learn so much about myself and the life I want to live and the people I want in it.  This year I started MY new year on the night of the temple burn and I started it with the mindset and the intentions that I created being out there in the desert, getting clear.

The biggest lesson I have gotten is: surrender.  Now for someone like myself who spends her life setting goals and teaching my clients how to set goals and achieve them--not so easy!  I had goals and intentions for my week on the playa and they got blown to smithereens before we even got started.  It is not about my own schedule, it is about the schedule of the storms, the events, the art, the random meetings and connections and letting go of any and all expectations and needs.  It is about being ready for everything and nothing, being radically self-reliant and receiving miracles around any corner.

It is about being a kid again, getting on my bicycle and being entirely guided by my intuition, wants and desires. Noticing what I love and what works for me, and then letting that go if the situation requires is and being completely HAPPY about the new opportunity.  This may include spending hours in a gnarly dust storm having found the highest possible point to experience this event and having a GREAT time (shrine of the crossroads).

The summary of my very profound insights is this:

  • If I want to build my business and live my life from a truly authentically driven place, BEFORE I set any goals, I have to set the reset button.
  • Hitting the reset button only works when I make the time to take myself entirely out of the context of my "regular" life and make sure I put on my surrender goggles while I do that.
  • While I am in this place of surrender, I see things very differently and get to notice and sink into what I really want in a way that I would have never dared to before.
  • I had no idea what I really wanted, at a deep core level--SURPRISE!

Dare to surrender and figure out what you really want!!