The Foundation--Part 1: Corner Stones



Last time we talked about setting up your High Value Training Plan.  With that in place, now it's time to get to know your support structure.  What many people don't see is what has been missing from their success: a strong foundation that keeps the walls from caving in. Strong foundation=strong you.  Strong you=limitless possibilities.

What creates a strong YOU?

In my work with my clients, I have found that we need to create alignment and agreement within ourselves to create strong results.  There are 4 parts to being productive, balanced and happy human beings and those 4 parts have become the foundation (also, the acronym is PIES.  who doesn't like PIES?):

        1. Physical
        2. Intellectual
        3. Emotional
        4. Spiritual

Without each of those areas becoming optimized and aligned with the others, there is always a bottleneck at some point.

  1. Physical:  What are you doing right now to be physically strong?  Are you in the best shape of your life?  Are you healthy, energetic, present and attractive?  Your physical presence has huge impact on how people perceive you and your impact as a leader. Think about the pieces to this puzzle:  exercise, weight management, nutrition, sleep, supplements, clothing, style.  Where do you need to improve?
  2. Intellectual:  How balanced are your skills and challenges?  You have to continuously find challenges for yourself great enough so you have to grow, but not so great that you are too stressed and overwhelmed.  Some discomfort and even stress is good, just to let you know you are doing something new, but too much can produce adverse effects.
  3. Emotional:  How do you feel about yourself and what you are doing?  Are you inspired and excited or negative and doubtful?  If you feel negative or even just flat, it's going to be hard to be focused and productive.  How will you say no to distractions if you are not engaged and your activities are not meaningful for you?  You have 2 choices:  change your external circumstances or your internal perspective to get on a positive track to success.
  4. Spiritual:  Even if you are an agnostic, find a reason for why you do what you do.  What do you contribute to this world once you get past your personal gain?  Do you satisfy your personal value structure?  Are you in alignment with your own laws of the universe? Are you connected to source?  To be or to become a transformational leader, your interests can't be purely personal.  What is the superstructure that you want to be a part of and how?

When you go through the day, conscious of the alignment of the 4 parts, you will find the more you optimize each of these areas, your performance will go through the roof!  Make a plan for outlining what this means to you and how to implement each area into your ideal day.