Thin Ice

thin ice

thin ice

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Some time off, being with friends and family and the wonderful tradition and intention of giving thanks.  Was it wonderful for you?

Some observations I have heard were, yes, it is always a great opportunity to think about what we are thankful for and also, did it bring up the things you are not so thankful for?  And did you feel ungrateful and guilty that you even thought that way?

Lao Tzu says this in his second verse of the Tao Te Ching "everybody knowing that goodness is good makes wickedness", pointing out that not only are our values culturally constructed but also that everything is a part of opposites that create balance in this world.  The part of us that is grateful also knows about the not-so-grateful and we know happiness because we know unhappiness.

Moving into the holidays and toward the new year brings emotional and spiritual division for many.  This is supposed to be the time of happiness and sharing, of reflecting and setting goals for the year to come.  Only, that brings up that there may be areas where we feel unfulfilled, defeated, or simply may be facing a lot of not knowing.

I am deciding on a daring win for me for 2014:  I am going to get what I want.  I have been on that track and overall doing well, but as I have tackled the areas easier for me, now the stakes are getting higher and higher.  It would have been so easy to sit back and appreciate all that I have done (and yes, I recommend the practice) and, gulp, there is more to do; advancing into the areas unknown, and not letting myself be led by my skills but by what I am excited and passionate about.

So when you think about what you want, ditch thinking about what you are good at.  Being good at something only goes so far.  What is meaningful and exciting to you?