Why I Do What I Do...



Working with my own mentor/coach, Christian Mickelsen, I have learned tons about stepping up and going for more and coaching has played a major role in this for me. Christian describes it like this:

*** How coaching impacts people. ***

Have you read the book ‘Power vs. Force’ by Dr. Hawkins? In this book, he lays out a ‘map of consciousness’.

As we grow through a challenge, we become more and more evolved. This happens mostly slowly, and sometimes in big leaps forward.

There are two types of challenges we face that give us an opportunity to grow and evolve.

  1. Stuff life imposes upon us (the death of a loved one, personal tragedies, etc.).
  2. Stuff we take upon ourselves (finding a new love, starting a business, etc.).

We are all subject to the first type of challenge. And even with personal tragedies, we’re given the opportunity to grow from them, or to regress. Growing through a personal tragedy can mean learning acceptance, gratitude, and peace.

To varying degrees, most of us will pursue the second type of challenge. These come from our goals, dreams, and desires.


When achieving our goals and dreams gets tough, the majority of people gives up and throws in the towel. And when we do, we shrink. But…

**** Take Up The Challenge! ***

When you take up the challenge, you grow and evolve. When you have a dream, goal, or desire that challenges you, you’re forced to either give up or grow to achieve it.

When you give up, you get weaker. When you grow, you get stronger and you evolve. Even if you never reach the goal, you grow in pursuing it. And that’s where coaching comes in.

Never before in history has there been so much support available to help people achieve their goals and dreams! What this means is that it’s easier for us to keep growing.

With coaching, we can have someone keep us on track, see our blind spots, help us learn the lessons faster, and support us in making progress. We don’t have to be STUCK in fear or despair. We can keep moving and by doing so keep growing and evolving.

**** The Greater Purpose Of Coaching In The World ****

The greater purpose of coaching is to speed up the evolution and spiritual enlightenment of the planet. More people are sticking with their goals and dreams these days.

Less people are shrinking away.

This speeds up our evolution as a whole and moves us to a place where we are more evolved and enlightened.

What will that be like? I don’t know. Perhaps we’ll live in a world free of war and filled with peace. Perhaps the environment will be safe. Perhaps there will be more love in the world. Better science? The end of poverty? Who knows. One thing that’s for sure…

We aren’t evolving to an ‘end point’. It’s an ALWAYS evolving process and all of life is a part of it.

As a coach, this is what I stand for and my mission is to help you do the same.

Now go forth and have your best week yet!