Your 7 Deadly Sins Or the 7 Patterns that Govern Our Life

The pattern I am referring to is the pattern of change.  To many, just the mentioning of "change" produces cold sweats and gooseflesh and it is helpful to know that, not matter how resistant or compliant we are with this fact of life, we tend to follow s specific pattern:

The Universal Cycle of Change:

universal cycle of change

universal cycle of change

  1. Creation: The beginning of the cycle.  Something new has popped up, an idea or an action.  For the beginning of our universe this would have been the Big Bang
  2. Growth:  The initial creation takes shape and it becomes "self organizing".  These are the logical next steps and the organic development of what's new.  The seeds you have planted with your new idea are starting to sprout.
  3. Complexity:  As this new idea fills out, it becomes more complex and stable and reaches a "steady state".  All systems operate best when they are in a steady state.  It means everything is humming right along. Your new ideas are firmly rooted, have beautiful leaves and are growing steadily and sustainably.
  4. Turbulence:  Your previously steady state has been disrupted.  Your growth and development may have become too complex and your system is tipping out of balance.  Problems are beginning to develop.  You added too much fertilizer to your tree and the growth has gone too fast and branches are breaking, leaves are turning color and dropping off.
  5. Chaos:  Everything is falling apart and chaos is setting in.  You have lost track of what created turbulence to start with, so chaos is the next step.  It's like watching a train wreck:  you see it happening and there is nothing you can do.  Your leaves are turning brown and whole limbs are coming off.
  6. Dropping off:  When life has become so complex that everything is falling apart, all we can do is let go.  This is a tricky moment because as humans, our natural inclination when we are spinning in chaos is holding on as tightly as we can.  The only way to save ourselves is to pause long enough to notice what is keeping us in this ghastly spin.  Is it a limiting belief? A relationship that keeps us small? A behavior that no longer serves us? A perspective shift that is long overdue? This is the place where we start creating space for the next cycle to come in.
  7. Meditation and Dormancy:  This is the place for turning inward and silence.  For noticing what's needed next.  In nature this is a naturally occurring moment: hibernation, the naked tree in the winter.  Although often uncomfortable, this is the place for healing and setting the tone for the new cycle to begin with creation.

Where are you in your cycle? Why do you think you are in this part of the cycle?  And, where are you going next?

**Universal Cycles of Change concept by Kris Halbom and Academy of Coaching and NLP