Find out how to…

  • EXPONENTIALLY increase your income

  • Stop acting like a newbie company and become a grownup (even if you've been around for a while...)

  • Step out of fighting fires and get the stuff done that actually matters

  • Let go of all the stress, anxiety and fear that's getting in your way of being effective and inspiring

Let's get real, if we are not talking revenue or real measurable growth, what are we talking about here?

I know many days it feels like you are flying by the seat of your pants and while that USED TO BE exciting, if you are honest, at this point it just feels out of control and you are starting to understand the meaning of "imposter syndrome..."

Every day I talk to leaders who feel like they don't know how to push through that big hurdle when you can't control it all yourself anymore, but your team is dropping balls left and right. I hear about the bone-deep stress that never stops. And all the embarrassing missteps that you don't want anyone to know about because no matter how much you are struggling, on the outside it has to look like "you got this..."

The truth is, it is HARD to build a team that will lead your company to 8 and 9-figures--and without your team, you WON'T get there.

There are always 3 challenges:

  1. You don't have the time to hand-hold your team--you need self-starters

  2. Whenever you DO let go, nothing gets done the way you want it

  3. You are getting really frustrated because it never feels like you get what you are paying for

You know that saying, "there's no such thing as bad teams, there are only bad leaders?"  There is a reason for that saying...

Let’s talk about how you can exponentially grow your revenue and valuation without ending up unhappy, tired, burned out and in never-ending anxiety over “will this ever work…"

Here is who I can help: ultra-committed leaders who know that their team is the key to EVERYTHING…

If you're tired of feeling out of control, unclear about how to inspire high performance, and how to finally make real progress so you can stop fighting the same fights over and over...then I'm making the time to show you how it's done.



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I can talk to you about a lot of things. But if your audience wants to know how to inspire engaged performance and big outcomes, let’s talk.

I am the queen of planning and results. I really know my stuff around passionate performance.  Engagement that blows your socks off. Getting hyper-focused so you can spend less time in the grind. Getting healthy—in mind and body. And becoming the leader that you always dreamed of being. Bold.  And on purpose. Pretty funny, too.