Freedom To Be Peaceful with NO

Happy Freedom Day!

As we are celebrating this important day, I have been asking myself this:  what would give me more freedom in my thinking and being?

I spent the last weekend listening to incredibly talented musicians at Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival.  Blame Sally, Wood Brothers, Calexico, Elephant Revival, Ruthie Foster, Nicki Bluhm, Trampled By Turtles and K.D. Lang with Niko Case and Laura Veers were my big highlights. There were many super successful musicians and... many that struggle and know the feeling of playing for 5 or 500 alike.  Yet, despite how heart-wrenching the music industry is, they keep getting up and playing their song again and again...

To be successful in that space, one needs to have a tremendous amount of persistence and the ability to focus on what matters.  We all sell ourselves over and over, all day long. Whether you like it or not, you are a sales person.  Selling to your kids, your spouse, your team, your clients what you want them to do, hear and say.

Sometimes we get a "yes" and many, many times, we hear "no."  If your happiness depends on if other people buy what you are selling (WHATEVER that is), you are s-c-r-e-w-e-d...  you know what I mean?

You work off your behind for months to close that deal and in the process, that deal becomes you.  You are invested.  This is meaningful.  You are attached in a really big, terrifying, and possibly world-shattering way.  

Because when that NO happens, or worse, suddenly there is nothing but crickets, your world falls apart.

So how the heck do you get peaceful with NO???

If you could, would that create some never-known before level of surrender and freedom?

Oh yea, NOW you know what I am talking about...

For some of us it's meditation, tai chi or cold water therapy--whatever the mindfulness practice of your choice--this is something you can't miss doing.

I use my super powerful Clarity Process™ that helps me get grounded and surrendered and connected to the most powerful and peaceful version of myself.  Without it, I'd be a basket case. It has given me the freedom to serve my clients from a place of being of ultimate service to them instead of serving my agenda.  I am, on my best days, unattached and that my friends, is powerful stuff.  That's hot, that's sexy, that's so much more attractive and FREE.

To YOUR freedom.

Big love,