Conquer The Fear

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I talk to a lot of people every week who sign up for a session with me because they know that their company is not growing the way they want it to and they don’t know how to make it better-- they are stuck.

We really take the time to dig deep and find out what challenges are holding them back from their dream.

And as corny as that sounds if what you are doing is NOT your dream it feels sad for you because that sounds like a lot of time wasted...

So I talk to all these people every week and there is some CRAZY behavior that shows up.

Exponentially Increase Your Income Like This

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One of my startup CEO clients and I have an ongoing argument. What’s more important, product or people? Of course, he’s on the product side, I’m the people person. And here is the cool part: I’m winning!!!  

Actually, I was always winning because no matter what phase of business you are in, people are your most important asset. Who else is going to help you to GET your product to market and who’s going to stick with you through the startup rollercoaster??

Yes, you do need a solid product and however you can get there, get there.  

No More Juice...

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Not sure what’s going on this week but there is a common theme: too many people are burning the candle at both ends for much too long and it’s having serious impact on their performance, their ability to inspire, their level of joy (what’s that??!), their health and quality of life.

If this sounds familiar, pay attention!

One of my VIP clients is the co-founder of a tech startup in NYC. He’s been working on this thing for SEVEN long years and until a few months ago, it wasn’t working at all. The numbers looked terrible. Tons of changes all the time: leadership, team, product, focus… not good.

Delegating is Old News

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You might be surprised, but even some of my 8-figure leaders still have a hard time letting others lead. So often it seems faster and easier to just do it yourself.

But guess what, though it may seem faster and easier to do it yourself right now, guess what that means for the long run?

Exactly, you’ll keep doing way too many things yourself.

And that also means you are NOT doing the things your company really needs you to do, the only things that you should do as the leader: focus on the big picture and lead your leaders.

The Chicken or The Egg?

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I was just reflecting over last week’s challenges and thought I’d share with you what I learned so you can go bigger, better, faster, without reinventing the wheel and making more mistakes than you need to...

There are some scary questions you need to ask if you are getting ready to scale which means heaping a TON of pressure onto your existing setup:

  • What if things are starting to fall through the cracks EVEN MORE?

  • What if we are focusing on the wrong thing?

  • What if our clients get mad because we can’t deliver on time?

Clarity... Completely Overrated.

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So often I talk to CEOs who are really frustrated because it just seems like no matter what they do, they don’t get the performance out of their leaders that they expect.

So I ask: did you actually tell them what your expectations are???

Often times I get a long pause, then there’s some stuttering and sputtering and a long list of indignant excuses that sound somewhat like these:

  • They should know what I need

  • These are C-level people, I expect THEM to grow their organization

  • I thought I wasn’t supposed to micromanage, shouldn’t they know?

  • What am I paying them for

Culture of Discipline

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Just got back after an amazing mastermind meeting discussing leadership and thought I’d share this with you so that you can get a leg up and don’t have to make the same mistakes that I see being made in most young companies (and many well-established ones…)

We specifically talked about having a Culture Of Discipline…

Discipline has certainly gone out of style. It’s just not cool… However, it’s the one thing that can help you turn things around quickly.

8-FIGURE CEOs Can't miss this...

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Just got off the phone with one of my superstar CEOs and I thought I’d share what they are going through so you don’t have to make the same mistake...

Their companies are already making 7-8 figures in revenue.

ALL of them have failed before. This is NOT their first rodeo but now it seems like they are an overnight success because “suddenly” it’s working and now they are the overnight success 10 years in the making.

Killing Sacred Cows

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Just got off the phone with one of my first-time CEOs and I thought I’d share what he's going through so that you may benefit from this…

They are a “young” company—pre Series A, but in a great spot:  HITTING THAT ELUSIVE PMF!

Now things are moving like a freight train and everybody is scrambling to build and execute as fast as they can…

Planning to Fail?

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It’s been an interesting week and I just got done with a planning session with a “young” startup (as in their rev is less than 8-figures) and I wanted to tell you about the huge turnaround that happened for them from committing and doing the work.

When we first started discussing planning the team was super skeptical. In their mind, everything was changing so fast, planning felt like a waste of time and a ball and chain because didn’t that mean that suddenly they’d be beholden to some static process when shooting from the hip felt natural and fun (until it wasn’t...)?

When Things Go Wrong

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In the spirit of sharing for the sake of learning and helping others avoid this major mistake, here it goes...

It's been a bit of a tough week and of course, when it’s already tight, that’s when things are most likely to go sideways…  

I had a major FU on a project and spent 1/2 the week in THE SPIN...—you know what I am talking about, the spin? That feeling when things went wrong and you are in the middle of it and you are going around and around and can’t see the forest for the trees…


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I talk to loads of CEOs every week who all want the magic potion to build their company right so they can scale without a hitch.

I have a big part of the magic potion, but I have some news about all that:

You have to drink the kool-aid and then you have to keep drinking it for it to actually work long-term and make a difference.

I did a quick FB Live on just that—and you can check it out here.

Product First. Not!

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I just got off the phone with a first-time CEO who was CONVINCED that getting his product 100% ready was the most important priority for his company…

That is, until we talked about what happens if you buy into that kind of faulty thinking.

I did a quick FB Live on just that—and you can check it out here.

You may have your own ideas about this but if you are a creator and you want to grow and scale your company WITHOUT having it blow up in your face, a ton of drama and lots of wasted time and resources—none of which you can afford to waste...