Clarity... Completely Overrated.

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So often I talk to CEOs who are really frustrated because it just seems like no matter what they do, they don’t get the performance out of their leaders that they expect.

So I ask: did you actually tell them what your expectations are???

Often times I get a long pause, then there’s some stuttering and sputtering and a long list of indignant excuses that sound somewhat like these:

  • They should know what I need

  • These are C-level people, I expect THEM to grow their organization

  • I thought I wasn’t supposed to micromanage, shouldn’t they know?

  • What am I paying them for

…  and on and on.

I did a quick FB Live on just that—and you can check it out here.

I uncover the truth: many of your leaders are probably still learning how to BE leaders, so they rely ON YOU to lead the way and help them grow. I talk about the 4 things that you can’t do without:

  1. Contribution

  2. Turf

  3. Milestones

  4. Outcome

I talk about the 3 main ingredients of the process that we take out clients through that helps them to get really clear on their expectations and then how to collaborate on a plan that inspires their leaders to drive big results.

…you might want to check out the video here

Let me know what you think.

Thinking differently is what got you here, but the same thing that got you here won’t get you to the next level.

Jus’ Saying…


P.S  I didn’t talk about what you need to do to inspire people so that they are happy to work for you. What I did talk about is how that’s NOT your job and how you can make sure your leaders show up inspired. Period. We just put out a great new free training that addresses all this in detail so if want to know more about this, go to  and watch the presentation. And if you want even more, join us in our new FB group Bulletproof Startups where high-level leaders get together for brainstorming and support.