Engaged How?

engaged employee

engaged employee

There is always more to say about strategy and leadership.  In some companies it's only something that happens in the ivory tower, while newer and smarter leaders realize it is something they need to foster in each and every employee.  Everybody needs to be a contributor, not just a performer, to have an edge over the competition.

Coming from the world of startups and small businesses, one key piece of success I see is this:  if every team member is encouraged to think big picture to have an understanding of how the details they contribute fit into the whole, they make much smarter, empowered and engaged decisions.  Which makes for much happier people in general.

One CEO of a large global corporation shared this: "I teach all my managers how I think and what strategies I use to arrive at the right solutions.  That way, they don't come to me looking for solutions.  They understand my strategy, employ it themselves and teach their teams to do the same.  I get to spend most of my time now being a leader rather than solving smaller problems."

As entrepreneurs that is how we have to think.  It's always about looking ahead, anticipating change, inventing better solutions and heading off disasters before they even arrive.

Rather than just involving Billy in upcoming changes, he gets to think like an entrepreneur for his position and function and become an individual strategist.

Leadership styles have changed greatly and the old "top-down" method is considered archaic.  A softer, more feminine, leadership style that promotes engagement and interdependence is on the rise globally.

"Invented" in this business world, this way of thinking adds a whole other dimension when we bring it into the rest of our lives.  Sharing this method with others is one great way of increasing our impact and contribute to more happiness in the world!