Setting Goals Or Setting Your Mind?

2014 goals

2014 goals

Here we are, the last day of the year and with it comes the (often) dreaded pressure of New Year's resolutions... Goals.  Strategy.  Makes me immediately not want to think about it.

A few days ago a good friend posted a very interesting article from by James Clear, making distinctions between goals and systems.  The goal is the specific and actionable end result we are looking for, the system is the process we choose to get there.  Clear proposes that setting goals actually reduces our happiness because, unless we reach our goal, we are always not going to be good enough.

In my world this translates to focusing on mindset before results, where the goal actually becomes the little picture (detail) and the mindset is the big picture (framework) with which we approach the way we exist and operate in this world.  Goals then only serve as stepping stones and check points to remind ourselves that we are still on the path we set out to be on.

When I think of systems that have worked for me, what comes to mind is what I've learned from studying the Tao:  arriving rather than striving, being flexible and flowing like water.  Stepping away from creating "by me" and moving into having it flow "through me".

Clear points out that setting goals may actually hold us back because, what keeps us going after we reach our particular goal?  This may be very true considering that often times, we think too small.  We dream too small.

For 2014, my goal is to think big.  Dream even bigger.  Keeping my mind reaching for that place where I rock my career and life while being true to myself.  Because after all, that's what I am setting my mind to for all of you.

Happy New Year!!