The Big Picture

the big picture

the big picture

For most of us, a typical day is governed by a to-do list that all too often seems insurmountable.  Right now, for me, I am trying to finish the first layer of a remodel, finalize the planning of our wedding at the end of the month, organize the time when my family arrives from Germany in just a few days, all this while staying on top of working with my clients and continuing to grow my business.

Seeing myself with spirals in my eyes whirling at lightening speed, akin to certain comic characters, is stating it mildly some days.  The details are threatening to explode my head, I am breathing shallowly and thank god for Trader Joe's extensive selection of frozen foods.

All jokes aside, all I can see at the moment is what is right in front of me.  And it is really stressful.  So what can I do to relieve the pressure valve?

For one thing, Stop!  Stop, take a breath and step back a few paces.  And remember why I am doing all this.

Why am I getting married?  Because I love my partner, we are fantastic team and we want to bring this to our community.

Why did we buy a house and decided to remodel it?  Because this is our home and we made it our creative outlet, creating exactly what we want.

Why do I have clients and am building a thriving coaching and training business?  Because I love to help my clients create passionate and balanced lives and careers so they can turn around and help others do the same.  Having impact.  Making a difference.  Being of service.

I feel much calmer now and my focus has returned.  I remember that it is up to me to either choose to feel stretched too tightly, or to appreciate the full and amazing life I live, full of the opportunities I chose to say yes to.

Details become much smaller and less stressful because they are the building stones to constructing the castle of my dreams.  And I dare to dream big.  Of the big picture.