What And Who Is Different in 2015?



Happy New Year to all you brave people who are ready for another round in 2015!

How are you starting this year?  Did you do your New Year's resolutions?  Have a brisk goal-setting session?  Glued together your vision board?  Refused to participate in this nonsense?  Were you vague to give yourself a way out?  Super specific to cut down on the possibility of those pesky miracles? Or did you decide to take an altogether different route this year?  I did.  Shocking and so liberating, already leaving me with a profound sense of happiness.

Because here's the deal:  when I look back on 2014, the stuff that really made a difference weren't the specific goals.  I started amping it up and levitating to a whole new level when I started focussing on who I wanted to BE.  And from there asked myself what it would take to get there.  And who with.

The great clients I got, the amazing relationships I built, my beautiful family, being invited to be on Christian Mickelsen's Superstar coaching team–very little came from what I was doing.  I learned about allowing, opening and letting go.  Showing up in a whole new way.  Knowing what outcome I wanted and then surrendering to whole new slew of possibilities and focussing on and course-correcting the process.

And yes, all this Being has to turn into action to go somewhere.  For that you have to trust yourself and the universe that the right opportunities will present themselves and that you will take them and show up 100%.

Don't get me wrong.  The last thing I am advertising here is sitting on the coach and waiting for opportunity to knock.  Most of us would be sitting and waiting for a long time...  What I am saying is, start with knowing what role you want to play and who you want to be in that role.  Most importantly:  how do you want to feel?  What is your purpose?  What really drives you to take inspired, process-driven action?  Who do you want to play with?

So here are the steps for a different kind of creating:

  1. Know your intentions (what), how you want to feel and be in getting there (who), and what process keeps you inspired and engaged (how), and who is your tribe to support you?
  2. Make a specific goal list:  now that you know what you think you want, notice how many of your goals are outcome-driven, and how much or how little of reaching the outcome is in your your control
  3. Take all your outcome-driven goals and turn them into process-driven goals that you can control.  Example (outcome):  get 10 new clients this month.  Example (process):  talk to 100 people every week SO THAT I can book the most meetings possible to reach my client goal.

See the difference?  And when you work on your process-driven goals, there is nothing more important than how you show up for this.  Present, happy and powerful would be my goal.

Happy 2015!!