What's That Soul Doing With My Goal?



I work with many people who are searching and wanting to create, what is truly meaningful to them.  One of the biggest challenges I see here, is creating a business or career, where our soul and our goals line up.  I am getting an inkling that I have a lot of clients who are going through this, because I know this place all too well.

Creating a life and a career from inside values, is truly risky.  Risky, because all the outside values are demanding their own. Outside values tend to use their outside voices so they are very good at squelching our fledgling tender inside values.

It is also very risky, because our inside values really mean a lot.  Easier to not achieve or screw up, when it's not so meaningful.

You might wonder what I mean by inside and outside values.  Outside values tend to be goal driven and approved by your general public.  They look good.

  • Make 250k by 2014
  • have 20 new clients by the end of the month
  • buy a house within the next year
  • have a baby by the end of Q3
  • get that promotion by...
  • travel to Fiji by...

I feel anxious reading that list.  Though they are not my outside values, I am making up that there is a lot of action and doing required to achieve those goals.

Inside values are soul and heart driven.  You may create outside values from them, but those will cause a lot less of the feeling of striving, driving and exhausting yourself.  Inside values are created from being, not doing.

  • I want to work with affiliates who share my same values around service and communication so that I can show up 100%
  • I want 4-10 training days/mo in companies with supportive and inspiring environments who love me so that I will love delivering
  • I want freedom of time and finances so that I can be creative
  • I want to teach in beautiful locations so that I can share the gift of being taken our of context

Once I made those values part of my goals, I could feel my soul relaxing.  She was taken care of, and now I can take care of my growth and career in a way where I feel like I am aligned.  With myself and the universe.