Goals In Flow

Here she is…  Fall is starting to blow in.  Don’t know about where you are, but mornings are starting to be crisp up here in the Sierras and my early morning paddling forays now require some serious fleece.

The end of the year seems shockingly close and it is a really good time to turn back to your goals list and make one more push to finish the year out right. In the “Plan” section of my Powerful Performance Formula, we talk a lot about the different ways of strategic planning.  All my clients use the Game Plan for their daily planning, but there is so much more…

The importance of planning really sank in for me one day when I was listening to a podcast by Jack Canfield and he was talking about how the 5% of people who engage in regular strategic planning and goal setting are also the 5% of people who are the most wealthy in this country.

I have taken planning to a whole new level–10-year plan, 5-year plan, 3-year plan, 1-year plan, quarterly planning, monthly planning, weekly planning, daily planning.  Yep, over the top.  But here is the thing: all that planning gives me the opportunity to be creative and have fun with the vision for my creation.  I look forward to it and I get to be outrageous in my high level vision–anything goes, BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) gets bigger and bigger.

I have also noticed that I am much more in alignment with my goals when I include how I want to FEEL in this endeavor.  Now, one side of my piece of paper or my vision board is about BEING, the other side about DOING.  To take it even further, I assign responsibility to achieve the Being side to myself and I make the Universe responsible to take care of the Doing side (kind of like Esther Hicks’ placemat challenge idea).

Because here is the doggone truth:  Goals are AWESOME… when you set them and then immediately let them go.  When you attach to your goals, you create resistance.  Yes, you still have to create goals and then you get to hold them lightly.  When you know what you are going for but you don’t have attachment to the process or the outcome, your opportunities are endless.  Be like water, go with the flow.  Allow.

Allow to finish out this year as your best year yet.  Go forth and flow with your goals…