Swimming With Dolphins

I have so much news I hardly know where to begin….

Like, right now, I am in MAGIC Honolulu, doing a little work, taking a little time to visit with friends and submerge myself in the vibe that is most my natural state. Full of beauty, space and creativity.

So yesterday I did this most amazing thing.


Not just a few. Nope, there were hundreds of them and I am not even exaggerating.

Apparently we just hit it better than most and everything lined up perfectly…

I love dolphins. I think that the world would be such a much better place if we all embraced being a little bit more like dolphins.

Focused. Productive. Streamlined. To the point.


Full of joy, playfulness, empathy, creativity, energy, happiness, caring—yet, bold and on purpose.

This particular type of dolphin, the spinner dolphin is native to Hawaii and it is nocturnal, hunting during the night and sleeping during the day. For marine mammal nerds like me, here are more facts :).

So when we came across them, they were pretty chill, and very curious about us. The came very close. They really wanted to know what we were about. They totally wanted to play. And they were so. Dang. Cute. I really wanted to hug them.

Just watching them made me happy. Observing their crazy antics. Jumping and breaching and spinning just out of sheer joy—and a way for their youngsters to burn off energy so they can go to sleep.

Most importantly though, they were so happy and joyful, including us in their pod for the moment, sharing with us an important lesson: No matter what you do, find ways to make it fun. Enjoy yourself. Bring in some humor. Turn up you charm and your energy and approach everything like a big adventure.

I have been so excited to create new and amazing content—more ways to help my clients to be majorly productive and happy, have adventure and fun and be the impactful and effective leaders they want to be.

Another really big piece of news: I just launched my gorgeous new website, still saltleadership.com—go check it out—I think it turned out fabulous. Lori from Explore Creative really knocked it out of the park!

I have been focused on connecting on YouTube and Facebook with fun videos that inspire having fun and going outside. Naturally, this helps with being really focused and productive so we can spend less time working, more time enjoying and because we love what we do, our passion translates into excellent results!

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See you next time!

Big Love,