Read this if you don't like wasting your time

I shot this video on the last day of the trip I just took, from now on referred to as “one of the most epic trips ever.”  Aside from hitting some of the best locations—Hawaii, Nantucket, the Elizabethan Islands and Martha’s Vineyard, I had some really mind boggling experiences and it taught me some pretty cool stuff.

Some of it was seriously whacky, unsettling and really fun—in all sorts of ways.

There was paddling to Flat Island in some big swells.  Marveling at nature. Distributing ashes and celebrating life.  Being with A LOT of family. A 20-hour journey to the opposite side of the continent.  Navigating business relationships.  Falling in love with a 1967 GTO.  Witnessing (and being a part of) what CRAZY wealth feels like.  Being on a private island with a ton of history and fascinating stories (and things).  Brilliant moonrises.  Gorgeous sunsets.  Lots of porch sitting.  Jumping off bridges and rocks into the cold Atlantic.  Life changing visits by a ghost.  Long nights of cribbage, friends, giant Jenga and wine.  And being with the best wife ever.

What is taught me is this:  It’s hard to let go and just be.  It’s a challenge to let go of plans and expectations and just surrender.  It’s ok to do less.  It’s ok to do even less than less.  It’s ok to nap.  It’s so nice just to sit and listen.  I don’t have anything to prove.  If I am just myself I am the most impressive.  I love to help.  It’s so good to have no expectations.  Just sitting on the porch is a VERY worthwhile activity.  Less is a lot more. The slower the better.

And just because you go slow it doesn’t mean you are wasting your time.

The quality of my experience is more important than the results.

Who cares if it takes longer to get where I intend on going.

The Tao says: “Do nothing and everything gets done.”

I finally agree.

Big Love,