Change Your Focus



Have you ever tried not to complain, criticize, gossip or use any negative language for any extended amount of time?

I have been seeing lots of posts on FB calling for a "24-hour-no-complaining challenge".  That might be a good amount of time to start with.  I was first introduced to the concept by my spiritual teacher, Edwene Gaines, in her book The Four Spiritual Laws Of Prosperity.  Edwene makes the no bitching, whining, complaining, criticizing or gossiping challenge (she call for 21 days!) part of her second law, goal setting.  As she puts it, when you don't do any of the above, you are going to have a whole lot more energy to do all the wonderful things you just declared you are going to do.  And a lot of energy you need when you are embarking on something new, and a lot more, to keep it going.

I wasn't so sure about this concept in the beginning.  I am German after all and bitching-whining-complaining-and-using-lots-of-negative-language is part of our cultural code.  And honestly, there's no way I have ever made it through 21 days, BUT I had to admit, just directing my consciousness and my intentions toward this rule has caused a huge shift in my life AND given me a lot more bandwidth, energy and joy toward achieving my goals.

It has also helped me tremendously in relating to the people I love and to the people I am still learning to love. Suddenly I am learning and appreciating things about them I would have never had room for before.

So here is what I do when I find myself in a bad neighborhood (aka place I'd rather not be...)

  • notice I am in a complaining state, acknowledge it without judgment
  • when I find myself wanting to use negative language, instead I just say "well, that's just great"
  • when it's really bad, come up with a gratefulness dump (everything I am grateful for, no matter how silly)
  • come up with humorous affirmations around all the wonderful things I am able to do without negativity
  • keep shifting from failure consciousness to success consciousness, all day long
  • hold myself lightly:)

It may take many of us way longer than 21 days to complete the challenge, but I promise, it will change your life and the lives of the people around you!