Eliminate Work/Life Balance!!

OMG, has she finally gone completely off her rocker?  I can hear the cries of outrage. No, but really.  Wouldn't it be great if you could quit worrying about work/life balance because you just simply led a balanced life?  Work being a part of it.  Part of what happens here is that we lose the distinction between work and life so that we feel personally 100% engaged and jazzed about everything we do.

To do that we have to develop our personal success formula that makes us into rockstars all across the board:  personal success habits and practices that make us strong, powerful and confident and allow us to operate at maximum potential (not just at work).

So here is your assignment for this weekend:

  1. REALLY take time off.  Not just an hour here and there.  Ideally, take an entire day to unplug.  Lock your phone away.  Hide your computer.  Pick a few favorite activities that you know are your biggest bang for rejuvenation.
  2. At the end of your weekend, when you are all relaxed and happy, make your plan for the week:
    • What are your high level projects that you are excited to work on?
    • Who are the people who can't wait to engage with so YOU can drive your mission forward?
    • Who really needs to hear from you so that they can take action?
    • What are the big things that you want to get done this week that will drive your high level projects forward?
  3. Observe how much better your week flows and how much more productive you are when you integrate all this stuff and when your planning was done from a place of feeling good.

Have an awesome weekend!!