Your High Value Training Plan



Now that you have defined your passionately desired mission and you know what is meaningful to you and what you are excited about creating, it is time to prepare.  When your mission is really big, it can seem like trying to eat an elephant in one bite: impossible!  This could be the end of your mission right here, if you don't pause and break it down into one-bite-at-a-time terms This means defining phases and your phases should be determined by most bang for the buck:

  1. In phase one, what are the things I can do that produce results immediately?  Think most revenue producing, least complicated, least investment, least involving others--most satisfying and energy generating.
  2. In phase two, how do I expand my reach, create a bigger audience and leverage my time and energy?
  3. In phase three, what are the new products and services that I am offering to my larger audience in a most leveraged way?

Wherever you are in this process, make sure you focus on one phase at a time and every time you go through planning, get back to Pareto: what are the 20% of activities that will affect 80% of the desired outcome?  We should be asking ourselves this question every single daybecause it is the very best way to cut down on distraction and produce the highest value results.

Define high value for yourself: what is most important for you to produce right now?  More money?  More impact? More time? More products? Productivity? Freedom? Clarity? Better team? More satisfying personal life? Better health?

And here is the biggest value producer:  ask yourself what you have to change inside of you or outside of you to have a clearer, more powerful path to your goals.  Chances are none of this is brand-new to you, but this last piece is the missing link between failure and new success. The training part here is to come to your actions with a lot of consciousness so you don't get into a rut and consistently tweak what you are doing so your common knowledge becomes your common practice AND your results are higher value and lower effort all the time.

Next up on becoming a high performer, we'll look at putting your support pieces in place--making sure you are in alignment all the way!