Got Grit?

If you are a small business owner, you know how to wear many hats.  CEO, accounting, sales, new products, marketing, customer relations--initially, you are it.  For all of the different roles. This can be really exhausting and demotivating.  Until you commit to the concept of Grit.  When you really really want something, this is what is takes to get there: It takes tons of Grit to start, and even more to keep on going.  And even more after that.

GRIT is your your passion and your perseverance combined to reach your long-term goal.  Grit is your umbrella for success.

  • G: get out there and do it
  • R: right now and tomorrow too
  • I:  in the service of your destiny
  • T:  trust that the universe will respond because of your passion and perseverance

No matter what you believe in though, you will have to admit that nothing ever happens without that stuff.  And before Grit can even come to play, you will have to let go of your limiting beliefs.  You are absolutely the best person your ideal clients could hire, there are more ideal clients out there than you could ever serve, sales is no more than living your impact and you owe your clients to have Grit because how else are they going to have the benefit that they will get from working with you?

And when you hear "no",  are you really going to stop there?  Or are you going to be courageous and find out what's behind the "no"?  Don't want to be a sleazy sales person?  Good point, and, are you sure that "no" is about you?  Or is it your future client struggling with their limiting beliefs and because you are listening to your limiting beliefs and aren't daring to be curious, are not authentically concerned about their needs, and are not demonstrating a commitment to what your client really wants, this client will not have the service they really deserve (you!).

If you really really want this project to take off, dare to have Grit!