The Great Gap

Thinking about your life, if you made a list of the things that you always said you wanted to do but never have, how long would it be?  Sit down and make that list right now.  How many items are on it, three, 5, 20 items? Look at your list again and pick out the three most important things.  If you are having a hard time prioritizing, think of it in terms of:  which of these things would have profound impact on your life?

Now just look at the piece that's at the very top of your list.  You have just admitted that accomplishing this would have profound impact on your life.  Let's just say you have always dreamed of being a best-selling author.  And you know that the first step to get there, would be to commit to writing for one hour every day.  How would you feel about yourself if you actually started?  How would this impact your career? Your spiritual and emotional balance? Your health? Your friends and family? Your relationship? Your recreation and fun? Your finances? Your physical environment?  You can keep going here, carefully noting all the benefits that would come from taking one hour every day to move toward fulfilling your biggest dream. And just notice, how amazing this feels...

Now, think about what story has always come in and gotten in the way of Your Big Dream.

The GAP between Where You Are Now and Where You Want to Be, Is Filled By the Story You Tell Yourself Of Why You Can't Get There.

The story tends to be one big, fat limiting belief.  And usually you designed this story at one point in your life to keep your safe from disappointment, rejection, upsetting dynamics, reactions, etc.  It might be time to look again and think about if that story is still serving you or if, in fact, it does nothing but keep you small.

So, what's YOUR story?  And is that story really more important than your Big Dream?