Paving The Way



Just coming back from an awesome few days in San Diego with my Top Coach Mastermind group led by Christian Mickelson, my brain is full and my mind is spinning. Helping my clients double, triple, 10x their business, what stands most in their way?

From working with my business clients, I know that lack of courage is often what makes or breaks advancement and growth. If you are playing it safe because you are afraid to blow it, chances are, you are blowing it already.  Playing it safe (or not playing at all) is not going to help you push the needle.

What are the top 10 stumbling blocks?

  1. Missing clarity:  If you don't know where you are going, how are you going to come up with the winning strategy?
  2. Perfectionism:  Often causes paralyses.  Take action!  Imperfect action is better than never getting started.
  3. Waiting for a miracle:  Today is your best day ever.  So use it, get into action and build momentum.  Remember physics?  The thing in motion stays in motion...
  4. Getting stuck in busy work. What are the 20% of things you could do that will produce 80% of the results that you are looking for?
  5. Getting stopped by fear.  If fear is your reaction, this is probably a worthwhile thing to do.  If you are not afraid, you are not playing big enough.
  6. Focusing on the "how" is the best way to kill your dream.  Keep asking "what" (vision) and "why" (your purpose) and you will be surprised how easy it is to come up with the next steps.
  7. Talking it up--for too long.  If you keep talking about it but you don't take action, you are paving the way for the competition.  If you don't do it, someone else will.
  8. Discipline:  If you need discipline to get something done, you probably don't want it very much.  Connecting to the "Why" you are doing something will connect you to your willpower instead and with that conviction, you can move mountains!
  9. Hoarding control:  Do you secretly know there are things you keep insisting on doing because you don't want to give up control, although you are not the best person to do it?  Delegate and watch it get done better.
  10. Upgrade your skill set:  Where do you need to learn something that keeps tripping you up?  Taking the time to learn what you need will get you further much more quickly than stumbling along.