The Highest Performance Of All: Rejuvenation



I just came back from taking a few weeks off and engaging with the second of the only two modes we really want to be in:  rejuvenation... (the first one is engaging in high value activities)

I went on a special occasion trip, meeting up with 20 of my closest peeps in various locations throughout Italy.  Rome, Orvieto, Chianti, Cavriglia, Florence, Lucigiano, Borgo di Montemigiano, Umbertide--just to name a few.  Three generations traveling together, exchanging experiences, lots of laughter, stories, amazing food and wine.

Aside from it being an awesome trip for all the above, something was different for me this time.  I grew up in Europe so I have spent a lot of time in Italy, but I had some life changing insights that really sank in while I was hiking miles and miles of uneven and twisting, 100's of years old cobblestone streets.  The experience was really different this time around because I needed to come home with a shifted focus.

Here are my three biggies that have stayed in my consciousness and seem to be with me for good:

1.  Hold myself lightly:  I got completely fascinated with cobblestones and saw them like I never had before.  I thought about the thousands of feet that have navigated, smoothed and stumbled over the hardy chunks of rock, each one hewn and laid by hand. Thousands of agendas on their way, thousands of joys, worries, fears and hopes.  It created a vastness of time and history for me that made me feel very insignificant in a great way.

In this much bigger picture, I found myself surrendering and letting go to a much greater universe and feeling held and belonging.  I am here because this universe has a plan for me and whenever I am truly present and surrendered, I am exactly in the right place.  This gave me a lot of peace and love for this world and the people in it.

2.  Eat cake, let go of cringe:  only do what you want.  Another great way to let go of stress and enjoy life.  I realize that there are always tons of things on my to-do list that less than thrill me.  In accordance with the wisdom of my Game Plan, I now test for resonance and joy.  I organize my day by "do I really want to do this?" If not, I see if I can find any positive aspects to focus on and make it enjoyable in some way, or I delegate.  Such a relief and a much different approach to my day!

3.  Focus on BEING:  What would your day be like if you set up how you want to be throughout your day before you even start it?  Take some time before the craziness begins and see yourself BEING in a powerful and peaceful way.