The Foundation Part 2--Your Perimeter



Last time we talked about anchoring everything with your cornerstones, the 4 parts to being a balanced and productive human being: physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual (PIES).

If that's all there is to your foundation, your walls may be a little saggy.  For strength, we add perimeter walls:  health, balance, resourcefulness, creativity.  When you are healthy, balanced, resourceful and creative, your are living in being your BEST self.  Productivity, performance and success are the organic results.

With my clients, we work on a personal ritual that I call Dawn Patrol--starting every day physically and emotional STRONG.  No, this doesn't just happen thinking about it.  Yes, it does take you making the time and space for it.

If you are struggling with the idea of adding more to your plate and stretching your already stretched time, I really want you to think about this:  what will happen to you if you continue to ignore any of these foundation pieces?  If you keep adding inches to your body and don't exercise?  If you keep pushing the needle or dogging it with no strategy for change?  If you don't know how to manage your emotions and perspectives?  If you don't figure out how to use your intuition and don't become guided by source?

Ignore any of the foundation pieces and your walls might tumble down or watch them become less and less pretty over time.  We can always tell ourselves we are already doing excellent work, so what more is there?  I love Gay Hendricks question in The Big Leap.  Do you want to live your life in the zone of excellence or the zone of genius?  What would it take for you to get into your zone of genius?

Dawn Patrol is your setup for a genius day.  This may take you a while to implement and it may not be perfect.  When you start, make sure your ritual is a stretch, but something you are VERY LIKELY to do.  Lofty intentions don't produce results.  Here is the concept: after a good night's sleep, before you do anything work related (including checking your email), do this:

  1. Exercise!!  Even if you start with a 10 minute walk around the block
  2. Silent time:  Give your mind a chance to settle before you start the day.  Get grounded.  Practice gratitude.  Visualize who you aspire to be in this day.
  3. Hydration and nutrition:  Before your coffee, drink water!  Drink more water all day long.  No toast for you.  Start the day with a green smoothie.  Keep thinking FOOD throughout the day, not calories.
  4. Fill out your Game Plan 2015 for the day for structure and performance.