What's Your Angle?



Knowing how to get what you want from others is a skill or a mindset, depending on who you are.

  • If you are in business for yourself, you realize quickly that, although you thought you were working for yourself, there is a lot of stuff that you can get done a lot more quickly, and a lot better, if you have the right relationships.
  • If you work on a team, understanding what the true meaning of collaboration is can really change your game.
  • if you are managing a group of people, you will know that treating your staff like they are valuable resources and giving them responsibility and ownership, is going to make them show up at a much different level.

For many of us who depend on relationships to accelerate our business growth, networking is as necessary as our actual business.  When you think of mingling with people and saying the right things to make a connection happen that could mean a whole new world for you, or create that relationship that could really help you kick things up a notch, is it something you really enjoy or a necessary evil that ranks somewhere with going to the dentist?

First of all, ask yourself what the networking opportunities are that feel the least like pulling teeth.  Even if all of it is an effort (and if you are an introvert, most likely, it is), what activities are attractive to you on some level?  Although public speaking requires a lot of talking myself off the ledge, I actually really like it, once I make myself.  A fun party around a common interest doesn't sound so bad either.  Going to a BNI meeting at 7am, I smell the dentist!!

The biggest puzzle piece is this though (by Sarah Anand Anma):  whenever you are in a place where receiving means everything to you, make sure you go in the spirit of giving.

Changing my angle like that really changed the whole game for me.  Not being in a place of need, I feel a whole lot more attractive.  I am open, because I am there to give.  And I go without any expectations.  Meeting new people and having meaningful conversations is so much more satisfying, fun and productive when I am listening for how I can serve.