Wrangle Your Conscisousness



Have you ever asked yourself why one person is successful and another isn't?  They may be using the same strategies and work their businesses the same way, but one will succeed and the other, fail.

One of the biggest determining factors in the level of your success is your consciousness.  What do you focus on?  It's another of those "glass half full or glass half empty" stories.  As part of my mastermind group agenda, we decided to pick up the old classic "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.  I had read it a long time ago, and I was floored that pretty much all of his principles are still the talk of the town today.  Written in 1937, his principles were referred to as "the secret".  Interestingly, although his secret is out today, to many, living by those simple and very powerful principles is still as much a secret as it was in 1937.

So what's is important about this to you, today?

  1. Be willing to let go of "impossible"--Hill took his dictionary and cut the word out...
  2. Watch your habits:  do you focus on failure or success?  Success comes to those who are Success Conscious
  3. Stop measuring everything by your own impressions and beliefs.  Ha! what else could you do here...
  4. Instead, come at it with determination. "I want it, I will have it."--Henry Ford
  5. Understand and fuel your desire

Take these 5 principles and keep working on your thought patterns as you go through the day.  Make yourself a cheat sheet if you need to.  Whatever it takes, changing your outlook and habits in this way will go a long way to growing your success.