Commitment To You

dream big

dream big

Recently, one of my mentors, Lisa Sasevich, introduced me to an amazing presence in this world: Edwene Gaines.  Now, you can think of her as a very funny  (and highly entertaining) old lady from Texas who happens to be a unitarian minister who travels the world to teach spirituality and prosperity.  Or, you can think about her as a "woman of power" who is committed to make a difference on this planet, which is how she introduces herself.

For some she may push some buttons because she definitely talks about God (she is a minister after all).  But I am hoping all of you will listen to what she has to say about making a commitment to yourself to have the courage to do the things that you came here for.

I could summarize the recording for you and give you my slant to it, but Edwene does it so much better,  is much funnier than I am, and I never miss a chance to listen to a minister curse in a serious Texas twang.  And really, there is nothing to add to what she says.

It's a 15-minute commitment to yourself, so please listen to it now:  Edwene Gaines on commitment.  She will make your day.  She's made mine many times.