More Money. More Fun. More Impact

This really happened…

I built a really amazing business.  I started it because I thought it was fulfilling my life purpose.  My reason for being on this planet. 

What I was doing before was fun, I made tons of money, I loved my clients and crew and then suddenly… it wasn’t meaningful enough anymore.

I did some deep soul searching and came up with the legacy I wanted to leave on this planet.  I put together the business and all went well, for quite a while. But then I got really busy and I didn’t have the right systems and strategies and pretty soon, all I was doing was work, work, work.

And guess what happened?

After a couple of years of this, I was tired.  I was burned out.  And I couldn’t remember what I started and why I started it.

The problem was 2-fold:

  1. I hadn’t made my WHY big enough.
  2. When things got more complicated, I didn’t know I had to simplify.

What on earth does that mean?


When you don’t know what the Why is that reaches beyond you, when the going gets tough, you have nothing to fall back on.  Sure, I knew my why.  I wanted a great business where I got to help people, make really good money, have freedom and flexibility and feel great about it all the way around.

When my business grew to a point where I started losing focus and getting trapped in the details, that WHY wasn’t nearly big enough.  It wasn’t my guiding North Star when the deep dark night of the soul hit.  It got pretty bad until one day it hit me:  I didn’t know anymore why I was doing what I was doing.  I had lost connection.  I had already reached all the things in my skinny why and now what?

I went back to the drawing board. And I discovered HOW TO get much deeper into my why…

Once I had that, it was time to distill and figure out how to take this HUGE picture and turn it into manageable High Value Actions. Always thinking about how to eat an elephant…

Simplify. Optimize. Focus.

If you want to find out more HOW you can be part of building your business much bigger and much more meaningful, sustainably and with longevity, then become part of the movement I am creating.  Be part of the change you are wishing for.

More money.  More fun.  More impact.

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Now :)

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