In my business, most of my clients deal with challenges.  When it's really interesting, it's the challenge of stepping up, growth, attempting something new--those are one kind of challenge, the real kind.

To get to the real kind of challenges, we have to first commit to designing our lives, our businesses CONSCIOUSLY. Turns out, most people don't.  For so many, norm is bopping along and being tossed all over the place, constantly in fight, flight or freeze mode, because so many challenges are constantly coming AT them.  If you find that most of your challenges are coming at you externally, this is a big red flag for,  you are not designing your life actively.  Hence, circumstances are designing your life for you and you are constantly in a reactive mode, rather than proactive, designed and conscious.

Now what?

Time to super charge your stuff and meet the real challenges.  Unless of course, safe, distracted, mediocre, boring and "normal" sounds good to you.  And although I am saying all this about "Life", what I really mean is "business", but then, one doesn't really work without the other.  Vibrant, strategic and engaged is what we are going for.

So what drives us today?

Brendon Burchard has some really great insights in his new book The Charge.  First he asks "is your life caged, comfortable of charged?"  He talks about the 10  simple drives of human emotions and happiness that we can use to get recharged and reenergized.  Baseline drives: develop control, competence, congruence, caring and connections. Forward drives:  use change, challenge, creative expression, contribution and consciousness to take it all to another level.

Most of my community has it well covered in baseline land.  However, what struck me most is that most of us use getting distracted in baseline land so that we don't have to move FORWARD.  Where the real challenge starts.

What can you do today to start feeling renewed, reenergized and inspired to finally build the business and lifestyle you really want?