From To Me to Through Me

One of the most valuable things I learned in the last few months is the importance of giving up striving and driving. I encountered a great model of this idea in my work with the Academy of Coaching and NLP , when my good friend Helen Attridge introduced the 4 Levels of Consciousness.

I studies the model, relieved to find that I had definitely long ago left the 1st level (To Me) behind (letting go of being a victim).

Now, really feeling that model I had to admit that on my WORST days I am still in Level 2 (By Me).  Worst, because those days tend to be very stressful and full of pressure and uncertainty.

On my BEST days I am now moving between levels 3 (Through Me) and level 4 (As Me).  In level 3, I have let go of control, live my life by my life and coaching purpose, and feel open to all possibilities.  I have giving up trying and do the best I can and be the best I know how.  It's pretty peaceful here.

And BOOM, there's level 4...  Wait, AS ME?  Letting go of separation and be one with god?  That one has been a tackle for me.  For one, I am not religious so GOD is a hard idea to digest for me.  OK, I can do with "the universe"...

So what happens in Level 4?

No judgement, no need to be critical, snide comments leave my thinking (I am German, we love snide comments!), openness to all the universe presents to me, and that really weird concept of letting go...  Hm, let go and let god?