Thank God I'm Rich!

rich man

rich man

Sounds funny to say that right?  It's an expression I learned from my mentor, Christian Mickelsen, and one that we use frequently in my family.  Every time things cost more than we think.  Every time there's an unexpected expense.  Every time we want to pull our mindset away from scarcity into abundance.  Cuz gosh darn it, we are rich!

I am often out speaking to various audiences about profit and money. Money is part of profit and so many of us have such weird, funny and unresourceful stories about money and profit. What makes us happy?  Is it just the money?  More time?  More space?  More support?  More freedom?  Community? Family?  Once I start asking questions that go just a little beyond the obvious, it becomes so clear that we don't really know what profit means to us, that we don't consider ourselves rich and, even more tricky, our focus is often on what we DON'T have rather than all the stuff and good that we do have.  Cuz gosh darn it, we are rich!!!

How much of a difference mindset really makes around this became so obvious to me these last couple of weeks that I spent in the Dominican Republic.  Exploring little known corners in Santo Domingo and the rest of the country rather than choosing just to plant ourselves at some fancy resort (well, we did that too, but later:) it was really sobering to me to observe a culture that is seriously not rich (40% of the population lives in poverty--and their poverty looks quite different from ours...) but acts and lives like they are.

Watching people focus on what they do have and live happily and passionately, with lots of love, laughter, and huge value on community, family, art, music and DANCING, taught me a whole lot about living richly and being appreciative.  It was the perfect location to have our Thanksgiving and to really dive deeply into all the things I have to be grateful for.

I have an amazing life with an awesome practice of wonderful clients, I just got invited to be on the Christian Mickelsen coaching team, I live in stunningly beautiful locations, have the best family and friends ever, get to travel lots and love what I do every single day.  Thank God I Am Rich.