The Gift and the Price



I have been to three (!!!) conferences in the last few weeks, from Instant Miracle Experience with Christian Mickelsen to Ultimate Sales Bootcamp with Lisa Sasevich to the annual Hayhouse World Summit. Hayhouse lined up amazing speakers and workshops, my favorite being Dr. Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss,  Dr. Joe Dispenza and Kate Northrup.

At all these conferences, although coming from very different angles, there was one powerful message:  We are all here to be of service, to help the world heal and to create a consciousness where we are all One.  The truth is, we all affect each other and our level of consciousness shrinks the second we make ourselves different and separate from others.  "We are one as a whole."--Caroline Myss

It reminded me over and over why I am here today.  We have a great responsibility being alive now.  Everything is going through transformation simultaneously.  This may all sound very conceptual and "oh-so-California", but look around, we have more tools, opportunities and possibilities than ever before.  What will we do with all this possibility and power?

What is takes though to be part of this whole, this transformation, is a different level of consciousness.  Embracing change.  Doing things differently.  Being different.  Having the courage to see things clearly.

The common fear around this concept is this:  If I accept this gift, I will have to pay the price.  There I go, back to being conceptual...

But here is the deal:  If you have a big vision, if you want to live a big commitment, you can do it exactly the way you want.  You don't have to make sacrifices. You don't have to give things up.  You don't have to do it by someone else's rules.  You don't have to pay the price.

What is the game changer? Your personality creates your personal reality and your thoughts change who you are.  So if you interrupt the cycle, you have the power to create the exact reality you want to live in AND you can stop paying the price.

  1. Change your thoughts
  2. Different thoughts, different experiences
  3. Different experiences, different emotions
  4. Different emotions, different thoughts--cycle changed!!!

We can't create a NEW FUTURE holding onto the thoughts and the emotions of the past.  Pretend to be unlimited.